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KBO gains international attention as new baseball season begins

KBO 뜻 깊은 개막… 외국에서도 주목

South Korea’s professional baseball league started on Tuesday, though things are a bit different this season.
There are no spectators in the stadiums, but the games are being broadcast internationally, which is winning the league new fans around the world.
Our Kim Do-yeon has the highlights from the season openers.
Daegu was the epicenter of COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea, but on Wednesday, it hosted its first baseball match of the season.
In a sign of appreciation for frontline healthcare workers, the president of the city’s medical association threw the first pitch to backdrop footage of fans showing their thanks.
To open KT Wiz’s first home game in Suwon, a little boy rolls toward the home plate in a giant plastic baseball to mark Children’s Day.
Spectators were not able to watch the opening games in the stadium, but they still enjoyed the action on TV.
And the lack of crowds didn’t stop the cheerleaders from trying to create a lively atmosphere.
It wasn’t just Korean fans watching the games.
The matches were broadcast as far afield as the U.S. and Japan, giving a whole new audience their first taste of Korean baseball.
“I think it’s significant that Korea is letting the world know about its measures against COVID-19 through baseball”
The famous bat flips, which are largely scorned by American fans, were in the spotlight once again.
And in Japan, some envied Korea’s ability to start the league so soon.
“Japan is yet to have any plans for opening the league, so the country has a lot of interest in Korea’s no-spectator opener”
The Korea Baseball Organization says it has shared its COVID-19 manual with baseball leagues in North America and Japan.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News

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